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2017 STUDDS 100 flat bar road bike black
2018 STUDDS 100 FB
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2018 Studds 100 Flat Bar Road Bike - Black

The Studds 100 flat bar road bike is our flagship model with commuters in mind and has been running for 4 years with some great reviews. In that time, we've made several upgrades to components, but the quality alloy frame with teardrop shaped tubes and blue and black decal design that has proved so popular has stayed the same. The frame is lightweight alloy 6061 and the bike as a whole is around 11.5kg (XL size). For us, however, the speed and efficiency of a road bike is down to its tires more than anything else and that's why we've gone for low profile 23c CST tires that can be inflated to a solid 110psi. They also have an attractive blue stripe that matches the look of the bike nicely.

This makes the road bike perfect for commuters who want to get to work at efficiently as possible. Though the bikes are designed for road, they can be taken on paths with light dust and we have left room in the design to fit other size tires at a later date. The rims are standard 700c and can accommodate 23c-28c. Some customers have even taken the extra step of ordering 2 sets of wheels, one set with 23c tires and the other with 28c, so that they can switch them when swapping their commute for trail riding.

The bike comes with good quality Shimano, Zoom, Wellgo and Quando parts and should stand the test of time.


Key Features

FRAME: 700c Alloy 6061
CASSETTE: Shimano HG20
FREEWHEEL: Shimano Freewheel MF-TZ21
RIMS: Double wall alloy rims (700C)
BOTTOM BRACKET: Sealed Cartridge BB
TYRES: CST 700x23C (blue stripe)
STEM: Neco Alloy Stem
SEAT: Black VaderTM Competition Saddle
PEDALS: Wellgo Alloy Pedals
WEIGHT: 11.5 Kg
SIZES: Med 19" (48cm), Lar 21" (54cm), XL 23" (58cm)


The bike will arrive with all major assembly already completed (known in the industry as 85% assembled), which includes all cabling and cranks. The only assembly left to complete is the attachment of the front wheel, handlebar, seat and pedals. Final assembly takes around 20 mins to complete.


By default, the bike will be sent as a recorded delivery to your home or work address, but you can nominate a safe place the carton if you prefer, which may save a bit of hassle. With a recorded delivery, if no one is home to sign then a card will be left, a redelivery can then be requested or you can collect the carton from the nearest 'Couriers Please' depot.

*Regional Areas may require a surcharge. Please contact

Size Guide

There's a touch of personal preference when it comes to choosing the right size. Saddle height can be adjusted to suit, so actually the main difference is the reach to the handlebars. If you're finding it difficult to decide between 2 sizes, then a useful tip is if the distance of your wingspan (fingertip to fingertip with outstretched arms) is greater or equal to your height then you should choose the larger size.

Med 19" (48.26cm) - Suitable for riders 5'5"(165cm) - 5'7"(170cm)
Large 21" (53.34cm) - Suitable for riders 5'7"(170cm) - 6'1"(185cm)
XL 23"(58.42cm) - Suitable for riders 5'11"(180cm) - 6'4"(193cm)

Ass Saver Mudguard

Customer Reviews

4.9 stars, based on 17 reviews

Angy Campbell

posted 25-Jan-2017

Finally got to put the bikes together - even easy for a novice! Will get a safety check though. So happy with the quality! Had a few reservations of buying online after an epic fail a couple of years ago (made in China). No worries here! Buy Australian and avoid disappointment. Can't wait to ride for the first time. Thanks to James and the team for a great product and service!

William 5 Star Review

posted 10-Jun-2016

I bought my bike 8 months ago, Very happy with it, good quality price ratio, Studds is always available to look after my bike if necessary. I recommend this brand. WB

Mahcl1951 5 Star Review

posted 4-Jun-2016

The bycicle is cheap in price, comfortable when cycling.

Pierre 5 Star Review

posted 11-May-2016

I've been cycling with it for the last 2 years, never faced any issue. The contact with James was very good too. Would definitely buying it again !

Customer 5 Star Review

posted 11-May-2016

I made the decision to purchase my Studds after speaking to the man himself. I have not been disappointed. Great touring bike for the price point. The drive train is on the budget side but the rest of the frame and build are fantastic. I plan to upgrade components when they wear out, insuring my Studds will be doing K's for years to come. They all so worked out a great deal on shipping to Tassie, well done and thanks.

Corin 5 Star Review posted 26-Jan-2016

Over the last 2 years this bike has been excellent for Melbourne: lots of short commutes, the creek/river trails around town and the Victorian rail trails further afield. A great value bike that requires little maintenance, but it was reassuring to easily get hold of a spare part 2 years later. Gears are excellent. Suggest upgrade tyres and attach mudguards for the perfect about town bike.

Murray 5 Star Review James, Thanks for the super bike and wonderful service with delivery in 3 days. As an aged rider returning to cycling I like the 12 gears as being all that is necessary and the weight is just right for me. The only tiny issue with the whole deal - it needed 3 Allen key sizes to assemble not just the one listed. In summary for me - a great bike for a great price.

Richard 5 Star Review posted 14-Dec-2015

Have been running the bike for a few weeks now. Overall very happy with it. Runs very well, incredibly light, and easy to handle. For a great price, with the warranty thrown in and the personal service as well, I would definitely recommend this product to someone in my position.i.e. Looking to get a good reliable commuter bike without breaking the bank or taking the risk of buying second hand.

Harry Johnston 5 Star Review

posted 12-Sep-2015

Great bike and great service. Perfect for commuting in the city. Thanks James. Highly recommended.

James 5 Star Review posted 26-Jul-2015

Been running the bike for a couple of months now and it's gone really well. Thanks James for a great deal.

Gordon 5 Star Review posted 6-Oct-2014

Sale of the century. I wanted a good road bike that could take panniers as I cycle to and from work and shops etc. This is the perfect bike. I used to have a beautiful racer and this is just as light. It's runs well and Studds even helped attach the pannier rack for me as I live nearby. Would definitely recommend this bike unless you are a competitive cyclist wanting a super fast, super expensive bike.

Ben Neal 5 Star Review posted 10-Jun-2014

Have been having a great time around Brisbane with my Studds bike. This is my only transport, and in the last weekend alone I got to the Davies Park Market, West End (Brisbane), the Lifeline Bookfest, the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, and a slog up to the Mt Coot-tha Lookout. My lightweight Studds has never left me on the road, and it can easily be taken on the great public transportation system, particularly on the City Cat. I also easily carry up to my apartment high above the river, where it rests with a great view! Thanks, Studds Bikes, for a very cheap, lightweight, stylish, and reliable city cruiser. Much appreciated!

Mani 5 Star Review posted 3-Feb-2014

Perfect light weight bike and great value for Money. The online transaction was fantastic and in couple of days the bike was received, assembled & ready to ride in Adelaide !!! I would definitely recommend Studds 100 FB to my friends. Thanks James.

Stephen 5 Star Review posted 11-Dec-2013

Excellent transaction, was received within 48 hours of placing order. Took 15 minutes to assemble and required little technical skill. This is the perfect bike for commuting in Adelaide; very light and great value compared to what is in the market!

PerezJ 5 Star Review posted 27-Nov-2013

Firstly, I have to say that I am not an experienced rider, and this is the first proper road bike I have ever purchased. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago and have been very happy with it!

Rides well, gears are easy to use, and excellent weight.

I think it is a pretty good bike, but when you factor the price into the equation, I think it is EXCELLENT. Better still, it's from a local company!

Definitely recommend it!

Will B 5 Star Review posted 08-Nov-2013

I was looking for a bike to get around town. At first I considered buying a road bike on the off chance that I would take up racing as a sport. After I saw the prices of a decent racing bike, however, I changed gears and began focusing on commuter bikes. Practicality became the word to describe the bike I was looking for. Coming across the Studds flat bar, I knew I was taking a risk: first model of the brand. Nevertheless, it seemed like a good deal and I like to support local business. After 5 or so weeks on the bike, I have had no problems. It is a perfect commenting bike, especially after attaching Ortlieb panniers. The bike is light enough to pick up easily. The brakes are responsive. The gears smooth. It has been a joy riding the bike, and having the 5 year warranty makes the deal even sweeter.

James: Thanks Will, Glad to hear you got a decend rack & pannier, I'm actually in contact with a few suppliers of these and will hope to get some in soon.

Chris M 5 Star Review

posted 23-Oct-2013

Just got my bike from James. Great value and great service. Happy I found this.